Gluten-Free Tart Shells


As a part of our “Go for Green” initiative, we innovated some of our products to have healthier options. The gluten-free movement has been gaining ground on the food industry for quite some time now. And here at La Rose Noire, we always innovate our products to improve better quality that would benefit the overall good for our customers.
Gluten is the general name for the proteins that can be found in grains like wheat, barley and rye. When flour that contains gluten is mixed with water, its protein will create a glue-like consistency that keeps the dough of the breads’ shape and creates its chewy texture.
Though gluten is commonly used in the food industry, it is still considered as an allergen for some that triggers a serious conditions like celiac disease, digestive problem, etc.
There are good health benefits said to be in gluten-free diets. Going gluten-free reduces the intake of processed foods that can help promote weight loss process, healthier alternatives such as fruits and vegetables that ae generally good for the body.
La rose Noire is proud to announce that it now has developed its “gluten-free tart shells”. An all-natural ingredient that does not contain the gluten allergen. This tart shell is also made from free-range eggs, and packaged in biodegradable blisters all in line with the company’s GO FOR GREEN initiative. Gluten-free tart shells are now available for worldwide selling. ORDER NOW!

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