Go for Green - Biodegradable Blisters


La Rose Noire has always endeavored to deliver the best products with the best quality to all our customers around the world. This enabled us to arrive at a leader position in the market as we strive to always improve ourselves since our founding in 1991. As we grow and develop ourselves, our sense of responsibility to the community also grows.
Environmental concern is nowadays a common topic, and, over the last few years, we have been studying and evaluating how we can minimize our carbon footprint on the environment as a manufacturing company. In addition to the charity projects that we promote every year as a way of contributing and giving back to society, we also want to have a positive influence on our environment, doing our part as a responsible multinational corporation.
One way to do this is to develop alternative materials that will have lesser carbon footprint on our environment.
Our packaging (in terms of weight) contains about 55% Bio-Degradable, and 45% Non-Biodegradable materials. Out of the 45% Non-Biodegradable, 70% of which, is our trays. These trays play a vital role in keeping our products intact, minimizing breakage from packaging, transport, and handling.
For years, we have been researching to come up with solutions to improve our packaging not withstanding our role in preserving mother nature.
In pursuit of the company’s constant innovation, La Rose Noire is proud to launch its very own Bio-Degradable trays. These trays are composed of Poly Lactic Acid (PLA), PBAT (butyleneadipate-co-terepthalate) and Talc Powder. PLA is formed from fermented plant. PBAT is a substance considered fully biodegradable due to butylene adipate groups present on its properties. And Talc came as a result from the metamorphism of magnesium minerals, which is also known as baby powder. This innovation is part of the company’s commitment to “Go for Green” - a direction LRN is taking to have a greener life and a greener environment. The use of this Bio-Degradable trays will have a great impact in the environment where biodegradation occurs faster on these trays vs ordinary plastic.

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