Showcase of Creativity and Innovation


La Rose Noire was very honored to welcome a group of VIP customers from Australia, USA, Canada, Singapore and Hong Kong. Guests were greeted by the founder Gérard Dubois, together with Roger Geisser and Yvonne Wong. The guests had a little "taste" of what La Rose Noire will showcase on the tour when they received delectable gifts, perfectly arranged together with their accommodation.
At the kickoff, guests were accompanied to Calumpang School - one of the beneficiaries of the charitable works of La Rose Noire. They enjoyed an eye-opener outreach program, engaged themselves with touching activities and crafted wonderful moments with the students.
Later in the evening, dinner was filled with sumptuous Swiss dishes and best tasting wines by Zermatt Restaurant at La Grande. The group happily interacted and looked forward to the following day's activity - the factory tour.
The next day, Factory Tour started in the morning at the Passion lawn, where Gérard Dubois, together with Stephen Warren - General Manager of La Rose Noire Clark, greeted the guests who were curious and enthusiastic to live the La Rose Noire experience. They walked through La Rose Noire Museum, followed by La Rose Noire Foundation's Training Center, where they had the opportunity to meet the students and understood the Foundation La Rose Noire has developed.
Guests then proceeded to the production areas, where they saw the delectable creations being crafted by hand. They were also given a chance to try and create some on their own, molding by hand, to comprehend the amazing "Hand Crafted" work done by the team inside production.
After their walkthrough in Production, guests were treated to a full showcase of La Rose Noire's products lines. They tasted the marvelous creations one by one - from the sweet lines, the savory lines, down to the most awaited part, the chocolate line.
Champagne toasts closed the tour for the overwhelmed and inspired guests. La Rose Noire thanked all their visitors for the time spent in Clark, and committed to keep being a catalyst in quality and innovation.

Passion Shop opening at HKUST

LRN FOUNDATION Training Center Scholars' Graduation