Vegan Tart Shells


As La Rose Noire continues to innovate, it also sustains its “Go Green” campaign for a healthier path through its products. From Gluten-Free Tart Shells, La Rose Noire now introduces Vegan Tart Shells. Made from absolute dairy-free and meat-free ingredients, this tart shell will ensure you a healthy and delicious dessert.

A lot of children and adult consumers are allergic to dairy and egg products, thus, making it hard for them to eat pastries and desserts. There are people with vegan lifestyles that eliminate these sheets from their diet. Being Vegan not only saves livestock from cruelty and exploitation, but also help save the environment by reducing carbon footprints from dairy farms, making our world a better place to live in. It also helps reduce health concerns as it contains no cholesterol and lower saturated fat. That is why making vegan-friendly pastries is fast becoming a trend worldwide.

To help create a delicious treat that is also healthy, our Research and Development Team formulated a recipe for tart shells made from wheat flour and soybean milk - a total vegan transformation! To add to La Rose Noire’s GO GREEN initiative, Vegan Tart Shells are packed in biodegradable blisters, all perfect for Mother Earth.

Going beyond the norm is what inspires La Rose Noire to continuously innovate and create products that will benefit humans, animals, and nature in general.